EXPERT, tech-enabled eligibility and enrollment services for maximum COST BENEFIT

Driven by disability experts working in a member-centric operating model.

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) Services

Our dedicated SSDI unit combines dynamic workflow and a team of talented professionals consisting of advocates and qualified specialists to achieve optimal conversion rates. Our disability experts are seamlessly integrated into existing payer-driven care management programs who educate and help disabled members navigate safety net programs. High-cost members increase the average PMPM cost for Commercial Payer Plans, which results in shrinking benefits and increased costs on member premiums. Vulnerable members, on the other hand, may be unaware of safety net programs because the process is notoriously intricate and time-consuming. Rethinking care management to include disability education and enrollment assistance can entirely change the current equation and benefit payers and members immensely.

The Cognizant Edge

  • Experienced SSDI Resources
    The key differentiator of Cognizant’s SSDI solutions is the integration of skilled disability advocates who ensure a win-win outcome for payers and members. Experienced professionals interact with members in an algorithm-driven outreach model to educate, empower and assist eligible members.
  • Intelligent Identification-Screening Enrollment process
    Maximized efficiency with RCM workflow technology that automates claims status updates and insurance discovery. Dedicated focus and investments in AI technologies are our process cornerstones.
  • Improved Member Satisfaction Rates
    Cognizant’s payer clients have experienced member satisfaction scores of 90+ percent. Members benefit from financial assistance and employers can lower premiums for fully insured employees.
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities
    Real time reporting provides maximum visibility into member interactions. Point-in-time and trending data are reviewed monthly and solution design is adjusted periodically to maximize benefit for clients.

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