Uncover all opportunities for third party reimbursement

Third Party Liability

No stone goes unturned. Utilizing machine learning, real-time transparency and expert experience through an attorney-led operations model, claims most likely to involve a third party payer are quickly identified. We leverage our proprietary decision-tree workflows to interview involved parties, ensuring all possibilities for third party coverage are pursued.

With our solution, you can:

  • Minimize missed opportunities to pursue third party coverage
  • Maximize reimbursement through an attorney led operations team
  • Automate decision making processes for claim pursuit

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We knew there was an opportunity to change, and when we changed, we evolved. We sat down and looked at exactly what our recoveries were and saw $8 million in additional collections within the first year. Our staff doesn’t feel that Cognizant is a vendor, they are part of the family

-Steve Havan, Vice President of Revenue Cycle, University of Tennessee Medical Center

We work with healthcare providers to coordinate available insurance benefits to assist in the payment of the costs associated with patients’ medical care, from the appropriate parties when patients have been involved in an accident. We are not a collection agency, and patients may hear from us before receiving a bill or statement from the healthcare provider.

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