Improving patient relationships and increasing revenue.

Self-Pay and Bad Debt Solutions

In recent years, the increasing amount of high-deductible plans are making it harder for patients to cover out-of-pocket healthcare costs. As the population of these payment-responsible patients grows, providers are finding it increasingly difficult to collect payment. But, positive patient relationships can be maintained when there are self-pay concerns. With the help of our knowledgeable and supportive staff, self-payments can increase and positive relationships with patients can be maintained, lowering AR days and reducing bad debt.

The Cognizant Edge

  • Leveraging Technology
    We apply a digital-first approach to statements and patient communications. Multichannel outreach campaigns, along with supportive technologies and patient portals, that integrate with client systems.
  • Process Excellence
    Intuitive and AI-driven workflows detect words, phrases and meet all state, local and American Collector Association International regulations and standards.
  • Patient Satisfaction
    We support your facility’s qualifying patients by locating available financial assistance and charity programs. We take full responsibility for early out self-pay activities, including patient education, enrollment, communication and payment plan monitoring.

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