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Account Receivables Management

Our highly-skilled AR specialists are adept in expediting collections by focusing on accuracy and dispute resolution. Our proprietary workflow technology seamlessly manages the process by creating specific SOP guidelines as per payer, by making the right information available, and by setting oversight controls for efficient process flow and governance. Cognizant’s Account Receivables Management services augmented by intelligent automation and expert staff are helping our clients to collect cash faster and increase revenue.

The Cognizant Edge

  • Proven Methodology with Best Practices
    The right mix of technology and expert advice. Trained, qualified teams take ownership of the RCM processes in onshore and/or offshore customized solutions.
  • Digital First Solutions
    Maximized efficiency with RCM workflow technology that automates claims status updates and insurance discovery. Dedicated focus and investments in AI technologies are our process cornerstones.
  • Holistic Approach with Scalability
    Real-time data and report package are provided. Our results exceeds industry standard KPIs for accounts receivable follow-up.
  • Immediate Results
    We start by analyzing existing AR capabilities. Clients achieve unmatched visibility and oversight into cash inflow processes within days.

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Associated Services

for an End-to-End Approach

Expedite complex appeals while ensuring accuracy to return optimal reimbursement.

Maximize revenue opportunities with multichannel collection campaigns that outperform the industry.