Social Security Disability Income Service

Today, many individuals with critically disabling conditions continue to remain employed to be able to retain healthcare coverage. Unfortunately, vulnerable members are often unaware of valuable safety net programs that are available to them.

Unlocking these benefits is a complex, time-consuming, and a notoriously intricate process. With the right support system disseminating awareness, education and service, eligible members can seek social and healthcare security to ease this burden and improve quality of life.

On the other hand, these members increase the average PMPM cost for commercial payers, resulting in benefits shrinkage and increased premium costs. The right SSDI eligibility and enrollment processes will result in a win-win outcome for payers and members.

SSDI The Three Tenets
Opportunity Discovery

With SSDI, opportunities don’t just happen, they are created. At Cognizant, an SSA rules-based engine drives identification and an algorithm-based outreach process delivers industry-leading member contact rates.
The secret to a successful algorithm is the data input and the right ecosystem for intelligent process execution with the right tools and technology. Cognizant’s TriZetto systems support multiple data streams and large data volumes to create insights for delivery. Based on the results that the system produces, team members contact and communicate with eligible members.

Expertise & Experience

The key differentiator of Cognizant’s SSDI solutions is the team. Cognizant’s team of dedicated disability experts and advocates help qualifying members to gain disability insurance benefits they may be entitled to. The Disability team is comprised of experts with more than ten years of experience working for Social Security Administration.
Our disability experts are seamlessly integrated into existing payer-driven care management programs and call on behalf of the payer. They are involved in the end-to-end management of the identification, screening and enrollment cycle. A precisely targeted, data-driven process benefits from the human touch that these experts provide, especially when dealing with the critically disabled population that needs it the most. With their involvement, members witness 50% higher approval for eligible programs.

Constant Innovation

Our member interaction includes electronic enrollment assistance at every stage. Being an incumbent in a highly regulated and complex industry like healthcare, all of Cognizant’s workflow platforms, systems and tools assure the highest level of privacy, security and accountability.
AI, automation and machine learning provide ample scope for revolutionizing SSDI programs. However, with SSDI, Cognizant’s approach is member-first, then incorporates technology. The deliberate and conscious investments in this well-rounded, holistic approach have helped master design, awareness, intelligence and a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

SSDI Who Benefits and How?

Learn more about how our disability experts optimize your plan’s ability to serve and satisfy members while containing costs. For information about how to launch SSDI Services from Cognizant, connect with one of our Disability experts today.

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