Demystifying disability enrollments:
A path to increase member satisfaction and decrease costs

The diagnosis of a disability is a life-changing moment. There are medical appointments to attend, calls to make and paperwork to complete. Combined with the physical effects of a disability, it’s a mentally-exhausting predicament. If the member is actively employed, a whole other layer of complexity is added to the process.

Up to one in four Americans have some sort of disability.1 Disabilities are more common in the older population, with almost half of those aged 75 years and older living with a disability2. Given the aging population, this number is likely to grow.

Understanding Disability

To receive government benefits, a person must meet the accepted definition of disability. The Social Security Administration defines disability as when the illness or condition prevents substantial work activity for 12 months or longer or is fatal. Additionally, the person’s condition must prevent them from doing the work they did in the…

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